Elliot Chang, a New York City native, graduated in the Spring 2016 with a Civil and Environmental Engineering degree and a Sustainable Energy certificate.

Throughout his undergraduate education, Elliot has persisted in studying removal methods of volatile organic compounds that cause spectral interference in isotope ratio infrared spectrometry measurements of plant/soil waters. Supported by Princeton Environmental Institute’s Smith-Newton Scholarship (2014), he has collaborated with Picarro Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA), Center for Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry (Berkeley, CA), and Princeton NMR Facilities (Princeton, NJ) in reaching his current solution. Elliot’s final work was published in RCMS in January 2016, and the developed purification protocol is patent pending.

Elliot started his PhD at UC Berkeley in the Fall 2016, under Pr. Laura Lammers.

When he is not working, Elliot is a concert composer. His most recent commissions include an orchestral work premiere by the Sinfonia Orchestra in Richardson Auditorium and a string orchestra piece to be premiered by the United Nations International School at Carnegie Hall in 2016.

The picture above shows Elliot and Adam at the Silas Little Experimental Forest.