Elliot Chang receives Smith-Newton Scholarship

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Elliot Chang‘s project on “_t__he Use of Alginate and Chitosan to Purify Leaf Distillates of Organic Contaminants” _has been selected for support from the Smith-Newton Scholars Program in the Princeton Environmental Institute. To complete his project, Elliot will be working under the guidance of Adam Wolf.

The program is honorific in nature and designed to reward students who have shown exceptional promise in their academic coursework and in select summer research apprenticeships under the guidance of Princeton faculty. The Program will support Elliot’s research for up to 2 years and will cover the cost of research supplies and materials, as well as his summer stipend.

Elliot’s project will build on his experience gained in the Caylor Lab over the past year. In particular, he will focus his work on the purification of organic contaminants in plant stem and leaf distillates through the use of algae-chitosan hybridized, magnetized beads. Through the process of adsorption, his algae-chitosan beads will potentially surpass the current purification method of activated charcoal utilization. The ultimate goal is to allow for the study of plant distillations with minimal impact from organic contamination. Elliot hopes to use data collected from his Scholars Program to write his Senior Thesis.

Congratulations Elliot!!!

See the award announcement from PEI here.