The post-it next to his grandmother’s phone said ‘Adam is a biogeo???’, which is accurate.  Before leaving academia to found Arable Labs, Inc., Adam studied how plants shape the nature of the Earth system, especially the composition of its atmosphere and soils, and how that system in turn shapes the nature of vegetation.  His particular angle focused on developing large-scale models, and finding ways to inform those models with data.  As his interests became oriented toward demographic processes, he has been working to develop datastreams that monitor single-tree physiology and performance within a crowded and competitive stand.  This brought him into collaboration with the Caylor lab, where he, Kelly, and Ben developed the PULSE Lab, devoted to creating cheap, wireless electronics that can put data onto their servers from anywhere in the world. From the PULSE Lab, Adam and Ben spun off Arable Labs, Inc. which develops sensor networks and software systems for agricultural decision support and environmental observation.