The convergence of climate change, land use-cover change, and the rural-to-urban energy transitions are reshaping the dynamics of food, energy, and water systems across the world. In sub-Saharan Africa, these changes are exacerbated by population growth and shifting economic forces that hinder local and national governments’ ability to implement integrated and sustainable resource and land governance strategies. Our efforts are focused on revealing the dynamics of production and consumption of food, energy, and water resources in sub-Saharan Africa, and using these revelations to develop solutions that can better sustain coupled food, energy, and water systems through improved multi-scale, multi-resource governance.

News and Updates:

CaylorLab work featured in new short film

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Mount Kenya is one of the major water towers in Kenya, but with an increase in population and water demand, the pressure on this scare commodity has been on ...

Drew Gower receives EPA STAR Fellowship

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Drew Gower just received a Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowship for Graduate Environmental Study awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Arable featured in PAW

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The Caylor Lab and Arable were recently featured in an article from the Princeton Alumni Weekly Magazine.

Nature Comment Published

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“Climate change must not blow conservation off course”, by Morgan Tingley, Lyndon, and David Wilcove was published in the comment section of this week’s Natu...

Article published in Global Change Biology

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“Projected climate impacts to South African maize and wheat production in 2055: A comparison of empirical and mechanistic modeling approaches”, written by Ly...