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Sourghum Julianno Sambatti and Kelly published an article in New Phytologist.

Julianno is a postdoctoral researcher at British Columbia and has a background in plant evolutionary genetics. The article is titled “When is breeding for drought tolerance optimal if drought is random?” and it explores the role of functional tradeoffs between growth rate and drought tolerance in agricultural production systems. The article is published on-line and can be found here.

Figure 9
Summary of how seasonal average growth rate (E(r), contour lines) varies according to maximum plant growth rate (rmax) and rainfall frequency (p). In this plot the value of βdtol is taken to = 2. For all possible rainfall rates, maximum seasonal average growth rates occur when rmax is less than 1, demonstrating the importance of drought tolerance selection when attempting to maximize cultivar growth rate in a stochastic environment.

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