Two articles recently accepted in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

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A review article led by Lixin Wang on issues related to dryland ecohydrology and an educational article by Lizzie King, Frances O’Donnell and Kelly on teaching hydrological sciences within a socio-ecological framework have both been accepted in Hydrology and Earth System Science

EGU Logo Our group has had two articles recently accepted into Hydrology and Earth System Science (HESS). Both articles are parts of different special issues. The first article, led by Lixin Wang (former group member and soon-to-be Asst. Professor at IUPUI) is focused on identifying critical issues in dryland ecohydrology and reviewing recent work related to these topics.

The second article, led by Lizzie King and Frances O’Donnell, examines frameworks for integrating hydrological sciences and critical social/ecological questions within the context of undergraduate engineering education. The course is based on our experiences teaching a field ecohydrology course at the Mpala Research center in central Kenya, where we focus on applying basic hydrological methods and approaches to complicated applied topics related to emerging dryland water resource issues.

Lixin’s Reveiw Article Lizzie’s Education Article