AGU Meeting of the Americas 2013

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Frances and Cynthia attended the AGU Meeting of the Americas, held in Cancun, Mexico from May 14th to May 17th 2013.

Frances presided a successful session on “Emerging Methods for Measuring the Structure and Spatial Distribution of Plants Roots”. The invited speakers were:

Naama Raz-Yaseef, “Coarse root distribution of a semi-arid oak savanna estimated with ground penetrating radar”,

Jeffrey Warren, “Roots revealed – Neutron imaging insight of spatial distribution, morphology  growth and function”,

Michael Allen, ” Comparative daily dynamics of mycorrhizal fungal hyphae across differing ecosystems using an automated minirhizotron and sensor network”.

Frances closed the session with a presentation of her work on “Species-level diversity of belowground structure in savanna woody plants”.

Cynthia presented a poster on how ground penetrating radar measurements show a spatial relationship between coarse root biomass and soil carbon abundance.

Frances’ presentation

Cynthia’s poster