Article accepted in Ecohydrology

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Resistence is Futile A research article by Lixin Wang and coauthored by group members Frances O’Donnell, Stephen Good, Trenton Franz, and Kelly has just been accepted for publication Ecohydrology.

The article is “Characterizing ecohydrological and biogeochemical connectivity across multiple scales: a new conceptual framework.” It explores the use of simple methods designed for simplifying and embedding hierarchically-organized electrical circuits as a means to handle spatial scaling of complex ecohydrological processes related to carbon, water, and nutrient cycling. As our lab’s first “group paper”, we feel it is certainly one of the crazier manuscripts we’ve ever put together! Additional co-authors include conference participants Chris Zou, Gretchen R. Milller, Jessica M. Cable, and Barbara Bond.

The article will appear as part of a Special Issue based on the 2009 AGU Chapman Conference, so it may be quite some time before it appears in print.

Update: The article is now available

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