Stephanie Debats and Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi receive PEI awards

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alt text Stephanie Debats and Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi both received awards from the Princeton Environmental Institute. Stephanie got awarded a Walbridge Fund Award that will allow her to expand her skill base through workshops and meetings with collaborators in fields such as machine learning, computer vision, and crop modeling. She will also use it to obtain remote sensing imagery as well as develop connections with local agencies in Sub-Saharan Africa to make use of untapped data sources, such as additional crop trials or maps of surveyed farmland. See the PEI announcement HERE.

Cynthia received a PEI-STEP Fellowship. She will be working in collaboration with Prof. Mauzerall on the influence of policy incentives on the deforestation rate of tropical forests. She will look at decisions taken from the international to the municipal level across three different countries and use the Global Forest Change monitor to look at land use change. Building on her conclusions from those three study cases, she will propose an improved policy framework to protect tropical forests against deforestation. See the PEI announcement HERE.