Caylor group’s research highlighted on Princeton Grand Challenges Website

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Our research and teaching in Kenya is affiliated with the Princeton Grand Challenges Program. A summary of that work is now presented on the Grand Challenges web page.

Grand Challenges Logo With a bold commitment to providing leadership and solutions for a globally connected world, the Grand Challenges Program is an ambitious and broadly inclusive University initiative designed to tackle complex and vexing global environmental problems by fully integrating the research and teaching missions of the University. The program engages faculty from disparate disciplines with postdoctoral fellows and students at all levels of the Princeton University community to examine the scientific, technological, policy and human dimensions of pressing environmental issues.

Our group’s research forms one component of the “Development” challenge, which connects biodiversity conservation and sustainable resource management with a mission to improve human livelihoods. Nowhere is the challenge greater than in Africa where development has been erratic, tempered by corruption, lacking in true capacity building, and pursued without concern for preserving the continent’s wildlife and store of natural resources.

Development Challenge research projects include several continuing projects that identify water as the essential natural resource shaping the African landscape. Working side by side in the field, teams of Princeton ecologists, anthropologists and hydrologists document the linkages between water, wildlife and human populations in East African dry lands and contribute scholarship concerning the role of vegetation in the hydrological cycle and in the preservation of landscapes and wildlife habitats

Our group’s research can be found here:

Grand Challenges Research