Article published in Vadose Zone Journal

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An article authored by Trenton Franz in collaboration with colleagues at Princeton and Rutgers has been published in Vadose Zone Journal.

Results Trenton’s experimental work in collaboration with Rutger’s University has just been published in the Vadose Zone Journal. The research described in the article was motivated by observations from a dryland ecosystem which link the distribution of vegetation with patterns of subterranean termite nests. In this laboratory study, we developed strategies to capture the general behavior of transient soil moisture dynamics generated in macropores. The strategies may help elucidate ecosystem behavior on larger spatial and temporal scales.

This is Trenton’s second publication from his PhD research (the first can be found here), and the first in a series of papers he is preparing that focus on the use of geophysical methods to reveal subsurface hydrological patterns and process within dryland ecosystems.

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