Student talks at the 2008 American Association of Geographers Meeting

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Geography Joke Two (i.e. both) members of the former ecohydrology group at Indiana University presented their Masters thesis research at the 2008 AAG meeting in Boston, MA.

Abinash Bhattachan (now at UVA for a Ph.D. in Kelly’s old department) and Garth Lindner (now working on a PhD at UMBC in the Urban Hydrology IGERT program) each gave an oral presentation of their work:

Bhattachan, A., Caylor, K.K. (2008) “Characterizing 33-year shifts in vegetation pattern of southern African savannas using high-resolution declassified satellite imagery”, AAG Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

Lindner, G., Caylor, K.K. (2008) “Importance of spatial scaling in predicting storm runoff response”, AAG Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.