Finding support in a time of physical distancing

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excerpt: "With campus shut down and our lives on hold, WAVES lab members stay connected." header: image: assets/images/zoom_lab_photo.jpg

We live in weird times, to say the least.

Cancelled fieldwork and travel, classes gone fully remote, and concerns about family, friends, and ourselves pose many twists and changes to our current reality.

Fortunately members of the WAVES lab find time to connect through virtual lab meetings. Our lab meetings have at times struggled to find a coherent thread given folks' (often) disparate research topics. Now in a time of working from home and physical distancing, our lab meeting's purpose has become more clear: Checking in and supporting each other.

We might not be able to do face-to-face meetings, happy hours or game nights for a while longer, but we still have our solid support group.

For whoever out there is reading this: We’re hanging in there and hope that you are too.